FIAlab is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) systems/components along with Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA) systems/components offering a variety of solutions for the laboratory, industrial, field, on-line and educational environments
The systems are utilised for such diverse applications as online fermentation, agricultural and environmental assays, pharmaceutical, drug discovery and chromatography.
Australasian Analytical Systems work closely with FIAlab and offer a custom method development service along with onsite system setup, verification and end user training.
Please follow the links below for information on the entire range of instrumentation including systems for Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA), Bead Injection Analysis (BIA) and Sequential Injection Chromatography (SIC).  The revolutionary Lab-on-Valve manifold allows for these microfluidic techniques to be further integrated into a transparent user friendly format.